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DM2000 User's Guide

User interface in DM2000 was made in accordance with Microsoft Windows 95 UI guidelines and is very easy to use, although some its features were specially optimized for real-time work with data acquisition systems. All graphic controls have standard behavior like in common desktop applications, and the most of operations may be performed visually with the mouse.

User documentation organized into four parts: the answers on several frequently asked questions, windows, dialogs and actions descriptions (action in DM2000 is defined as some operation that may be invoked by menu item, toolbar button or another UI control and programmatically - via OLE Automation mechanism).

How to...




Don't hesitate to write me about inexplicit or inconvenient operations, and I will try to explain or correct these problems (please ALWAYS set subject field to "DM2000", else your message may be routed incorrectly or even disappear).