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Let's suppose that you have an image of some graph (for example, it may be scanned paper image, a picture from the Adobe PDF file or another picture format that has only graphic representation), and you wish to digitize curves from this graph. In this case you should use DM2000 Digitizer window (see picture below).

How to use Digitizer? First you should convert the image to be digitized to the bitmap format and load it into Digitizer window (you may prepare disk file or just transfer bitmap via clipboard). Note that plot axes must be strictly vertical and horizontal, otherwise you should rotate image in any graphic processor (like Microsoft Windows Paint). Then you should define plot coordinates: draw frame around labeled points of the graph image and set appropriate axes ranges. If your image has log scale, you should specify logarithms of the axis limits (as shown on the picture above) and correct data later using Process|Calculation operation. When valid plot coordinates are defined, press "Add points" button and add plot points.

Digitizer window gives you a wide set of options that make it very convenient:

After you draw all points click OK button to save them in the active data window (Process|Digitize menu item is disabled if there's no active window available).