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View commands

Data Master 2000 provides a wide set of data visualization features. View commands (by default, located in the View submenu of the main menu) should be used to control visual data presentation.

How to plot data in DM2000? Every plot has 8 preconfigured series (to add more series, use pop-up menus of plot viewer and Serie Manager). To be displayed, serie must reference a valid range of worksheet data, otherwise it is invisible and treated as "empty". Initially all series are empty and you need to define data range in order to display curves. Data range includes following values: worksheet, first and last line, X and Y columns of the selected worksheet. If any of these values are empty or first line is greater than last line, data range is invalid. Hence, all you need to plot data is to correctly set data range of the selected plot serie.

Although you can define data range directly in the Serie Properties dialog box, View menu has a number of special commands used to conveniently control data range of current serie (these commands are not available if plot viewer is not active):