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Page Setup

This dialog box allows you to configure Page properties for printing. Keep in mind that DM2000 is not presentation software, and only basic printing capabilities are available. However, you can quickly create draft-quality printouts without wasting time and efforts for graphs formatting. DM2000 can display several curves on the single plot (see Serie Manager for more details), and you even may print several graphs on the single page! Set plot page margins large enough to leave blank space for subsequent printing and run print job several times using the same paper sheet. Note that you can simply draw frame on the page preview area instead of using text fields. DM2000 have no WYSIWYG - style print preview, but the line widths and point sizes are scaled by graphic engine in accordance with actual printer resolution, so you never will get very thin lines or tiny dots instead of readable symbols.

Another way to prepare hardcopy of your graphs is to copy plot page to the clipboard as metafile and insert it into Microsoft Word document or special graphic processor. Then you can edit plot, add text and print document as usual.