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MetaBase Entry page


This page is a starting point of DM2000 MetaBase web interface. MetaBase is an automated archive containing various structured information about data files (metadata). See MetaBase User's Guide for additional information about general MetaBase concepts and client-side software.

Currently Metabase has two tables: contacts table and files table. Contacts table stores information about samples mounted into experimental facilities (several contacts may refer to the same sample). Files table contains information about data files: file attributes, column headers, measurement and control equipment settings, comments and so on. Every file record has reference to the contacts table entry (several files may refer to the same contact, this relation also is known as "master-detail").

How to use this web-interface

MetaBase web interface is very simple. Using these forms you may get information about specific sample, contact or data file. For example, you may search contacts by sample name or material, or browse files for selected contact, material or date. First step is registration - you should provide correct user name and password (or use default values for restricted access):

User name: 


Select database:


Attention! Database server that hosts DM2000 MetaBase is located on the the GPI network and may be unreachable. However, if server is online you will be automatically redirected to GPI mirror site.