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libplot.gif (990 bytes)TSerie object controls plot curves. TPlot can have unlimited number of curves stored in Series collection. By default, TPlot component has no series but you may add or delete them with usual TCollection editor. Every TSerie object may display data from TContainer component or display curve given by Y(X) expression.

public members

Property property Locked: boolean

This property should be used to add points without repainting whole plot. If it is true, any modifications of TSerie properties have no side effect.

Method function Empty: boolean

Returns TRUE if serie is empty. Empty serie is not displayed. Serie treated as empty if valid data range is not defined: for example, X or YColumn is 0 or LastLine is -1.

Method procedure ClearBlock

This procedure simply set XCol=YCol=FirstLine=0, LastLine=-1.

Method procedure CopyToClipboard(Clear: boolean=true)

This procedure copies serie data to the clipboard. Set Clear parameter to false to save existing clipboard data.

Method function PasteFromClipboard(DataOnly: boolean=false): boolean

Paste serie data from the clipboard (if available). Reference to the container object searched in Screen.Forms.Components array; if not found (e.g. object copied by another application), function returns false. If DataOnly parameter set to true, visual serie attributes simply ignored.

published members

Property property XColumn: integer
Property property YColumn: integer
Property property FirstLine: integer
Property property LastLine: integer

These properties are serie "selection", that is, the range of cdata in ontainer to be displayed. Note that columns are counted from 1 to 26, lines - from 0 to Container.ItemCount-1. For functional series LastLine-FirstLine define number of points in curve.

Property property IsFunction: boolean

If this property is true, serie is functional, that is, it can display function given by mathematical expression instead of data. Only YExpression is used and you should use only cx parameter.

Property property XExpression: string
Property property YExpression: string

Expressions allows you to transform your data "on-fly", and are one of most prominent features of DM2000 graphic engine. See TMathParser object for details about expression syntax and allowed arguments and function names.

Property property Text: string

Every serie may have associated text string. It has no function other than simple description of the curve data.

Property property Container: TContainer

Serie get data points from associated container component. If serie is not functional and container is nil, it is empty.

Property property Pen: TPen
Property property Brush: TBrush

These properties define colors, styles and other attributes of serie points and lines.

Property property Interleave: integer

If serie have too many points this may affect plotting speed. You may reduce plotting time using Interleave property.

Property property ShowBestFit: boolean

When TPlot component scales data it calculates best fit line coefficients. All serie data used for calculation. If this property set to true, best fit line is visible.

Property property PointType: TPointType
Property property PointSize: integer

These properties define point type (square, circle, cross etc.) and size in pixels.

Property property PointVisible: boolean
Property property LineVisible: boolean

You may change visibility of points and lines. If both are false serie is not empty but invisible. Note that plotting of all lines takes only one GDI call, therefore lines are plotted much faster.

See also description of IDMPlot, IDMAxis and IDMSerie interfaces for additional information.