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DMSerie objects control plot series. Plot can have any number of series - in absence of empty series you can easily add new ones. Serie may be functional or need to reference data container. By default, series reference container of the same document window, but this is not necessary. Another essential serie attribute is data range, or "selection": you need to define first and last data element, X and Y column. If these parameters are not defined, serie is empty and not displayed.

Property property IsRecording: boolean

When recording data from experimental program, like in case of document windows, user wants to see which serie accumulate points. Set IsRecording property to true  to signal user that you are adding points into this serie.

Property property IsFunction: boolean

If this property is true, serie is functional, that is, it can display function given by mathematical expression instead of data.

Read/only property r/o property IsEmpty: boolean

Read this property to determine whether serie is empty. As mentioned above, empty serie is not displayed. Serie treated as empty if some parameters are not defined: for example, X,YColumn is 0 or LastLine is -1.

Method procedure ClearSelection

This procedure simply set XCol=YCol=FirstLine=0, LastLine=-1.

Property property XColumn: long

Property property YColumn: long

Property property FirstLine: long

Property property LastLine: long

These properties are serie "selection", that is, the range of data to be displayed. Note that columns are counted from 1 to 26, lines - from 0 to Container.ItemCount-1.

Method procedure Select(XCol, YCol, First, Last: long)

This procedure set appropriate parameters, reducing number of repaints.

Property property XExpression: bstr

Property property YExpression: bstr

Expressions allows you to transform your data "on-fly", and are one of most prominent features of DM2000 graphic engine. See UI help for details about expression syntax and allowed arguments and function names.

Property property Text: bstr

Every serie may have associated text, displayed in serie toolbar. It has no function other than simple hint about curve data.

Property property Container: IDispatch

Reference to data container. Unlike all other object references, this property is read/write. That is, you can assign it any Container property of document window.

Method procedure AddPoint

When you record experimental data you need to add points to selected serie. If you would directly change LastLine property plot have to be refreshed. Use AddPoint instead of manually correct LastLine. See online demos for details.

Method procedure GetPoint(Index: long; out X,Y: OleVariant)

This procedure returns X,Y coordinate of selected point. If serie and axes expressions are empty these values copied from appropriate data element, otherwise this is not so simple. BestFit.* sample scripts are good demonstrations of using GetPoint().