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libplot.gif (990 bytes)This simple object provides access to plot axes. TPlot component automatically creates two axis objects - vertical (Y) and horisontal (X). Methods and properties of TAxis are briefly described below:

public members

Property property Format: TFormat

You can assign values to this property instead of using LabelWidth, LabelDecimals and LabelType published properties.

Method procedure Assign(A: TPersistent)

Use this method to quickly copy all properties of axis object

published members

Property property Min: TReal
Property property Max: TReal

Axis ranges. Note that if you want to fix axis range you have to clear AutoScale flag.

Property property Margins: TReal

This property defines margins between axis range given by Min,Max and calculated by series data. Value of 0.1 corresponds to approximately 10% blank space. This property should be used in conjunction with AutoScale.

Property property AutoScale: boolean

If this flag set to true every time when plot will be repainted new axis range will be automatically calculated. All nonempty series take part in autoscaling.

Property property Title: string

Axis may have a title. If this property is not empty axis title will be visible.

Property property Expression: string

The most interesting property of axis. You may transform all data series simultaneously if you assign valid expression to this property. See TMathParser object for more details about expression syntax and allowed arguments and function names.

Property property Pen: TPen
Property property Font: TFont

These properties define colors, font, line style and other attributes of axis line and labels.

Property property MinorTicks: integer
Property property MajorTicks: integer
Property property ShowGrid: boolean

Define numbers of major (long) and minor(short) ticks. ShowGrid property controls grid lines. Change these properties in Object Inspector and see results.

Property property LabelWidth: integer
Property property LabelDecimals: integer
Property property LabelType: TFloatFormat

These properties control labels format. Note that position of Y axis depends on the Y label width.

Property property SmartTicks: boolean

If this flag set to true, axis ticks and labels positions specially calculated to be more "readable" rather then simply divide axis range into specified parts. In this mode actual number of major ticks and MajorTicks property may differ.

See also description of IDMPlot, IDMAxis and IDMSerie interfaces for more information.