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This page may be interesting for those who have to perform evaluations of different physical parameters, such as conductivity, magnetoresistance, etc. Arguments of functions used in such calculations partially are obtained from the experiment data, but other values should be obtained from various manuals. Moreover, these parameters may be expressed either in S.I. or in CGS system of units.

Quantity Value in S.I. Value in CGS
Light velocity in vacuum c = 3e+8 m/s c = 3e+10 cm/s
Electron charge e = 1.602e-19 C e = 4.8e-10
Planck constant h = 6.63e-34 J*s h = 6.63e-27 erg*s
The same with "-" h/2pi = 1.06e-34 J*s h/2pi = 1.06e-27 erg*s
Energy 1 J = 1e7 erg 1 erg = 1e-7 J
in electron-volts 1 eV = 1.602e-19 J 1 eV = 1.602e-12 erg
Length (angstroms) 1A = 1e-10 m 1A = 1e-8 cm
Boltsman constant kb = 1.38e-23 J / K kb = 1.38e-16 erg / K
Conductivity 1 Sm=1/Ohm 9e+11 CGS (cm/c)
Dielectric constant e0=8.85e-12 F/m e0=1